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Mediceuticals® Laboratories, based in New Jersey USA, develops and delivers unique products that help the hair and scalp to be in optimum condition. These products help to reduce excessive hair loss and thinning hair. Mediceuticals® also provides effective methods of treatment for a wide range of hair and scalp problems. Our product development process consists of many years of pharmaceutical research. The products are composed of natural, non-aggressive ingredients and raw materials.

Mediceuticals® products are sold through professional salons, spas and hair restoration clinics. After attending an in depth product training, the salons are equipped to make a correct diagnosis and give tailored product advice to their customers.

Unique Features of Mediceuticals®

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Lightweight Formula

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Fragrance Free Formula

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All Hair Types

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Cruelty Free

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Sulphate Free

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Specialized Scalp Therapies

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pH Balanced

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No harmful Chemicals

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Vegan Friendly

The Start of Mediceuticals®

Beautiful, healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp is the motto and core belief behind the products of Mediceuticals®. A team of scientists and hair care professionals that have a passion for creating products tailored to treat individuals’ specific scalp and hair issues began to realize the potential for any person to have beautiful, healthy hair.
The aim was to treat scalp disorders such as dandruff, dermatitis, psoriasis and various forms of hair loss with medicated shampoos and rinses. What they discovered was that by treating scalp disorders, the look, feel, and overall health of the hair was improving. This was the start of Mediceuticals®.

Mediceuticals® in India

Scalp care and Hair health have been a primary concern among Indians.The prevention of hair fall and healthy strong hair are a big focus for Indian consumers.

The hair care market, on one end, is amply crowded with products such as hair oils, conditioners, shampoos and masks which provides generic solutions. On the other end, medicated solutions which dry out your scalp by using steroids as a base ingredient.

Meanwhile, Mediceuticals has been offering a personalised scalp and hair care solution with unique formulas to target specific concerns across the globe. With over 50 years of legacy, Mediceuticals is the need of the hour for Indian consumers today.

Beauty Essentials Marketing Private Limited is one of the biggest house of premium exclusive hair and beauty care brands for the professional beauty market. With their expertise and understanding of the Indian consumer, the need for a Scalp First approach was paramount. They introduced Mediceuticals into India with the intention to revolutinize the scalp care and hair health industry with high efficacy and visible results.and hair issues began to realize the potential for any person to have beautiful, healthy hair.

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